The competition for the entertainment of the young is fierce. With the large varieties and the ease of accessibility of entertainment, it is often challenging convincing the young to read for fun.

This is where our new project comes in.

Blending the irreplaceable experience of reading with modern entertainment features of a full-length soundtrack, motion video, photography, and 3D sound is the three part young adult audio-visual novella Vampire Music. While reading, rich music, motion video, and sound effects seamlessly layer the text of the book giving the reading experience a more modern feel. We believe the synergy of the combined elements of novella will create an engaging experience easing the transition from modern visual entertainment back to imaginative reading.

The standard edition e-book and Android Phone editions feature a Twilight Saga Actor on the cover, and the deluxe edition features unique 3D sound that works with regular headphones.

Sample book event: 

In a grandiloquent style, a thin-nosed man with a thin mustache processes my clear concert ticket. His navy t-shirt reads “STAFF” on the front. He motions to me, waving his scrawny arms flamboyantly, directing me through the iron gates.

(The music of the band begins playing trough the headphones of the android device)

The stages, constructed at the end of what was a spacious parking lot, interrupt the flat horizon lines with their massive structures. The blacktop is blistering.

(The ringtone of her best friend sounds in the ear of the listener)

I look down at my phone, moving toward one of the stages, when pressurized water splashes me! Twin water cannons blast me to the pavement with gallons of warm liquid.

(3D water sounds trigger as the reader begins the passage)

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