Last call...
Want to spend an incredible summer IN the Great Smokey Mountains with the wonderful Cherokee people AND get paid for it? Submit now for my new show. This is my fifth year there and my favorite gig. Details below and in my Notes. Offers are going to go out soon!


Cherokee Family Reunion, a world premier, contemporary play by Larissa FastHorse and Unto These Hills, a historical drama by Linda Squirrel. The plays will run in rep and be double cast.

Rehearsal and performance dates: May 12, 2012 to August 18, 2012.

This is a paid residency position to work in the 2500 seat outdoor Mountainside Theatre in Cherokee NC in the middle of the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains. Free classes are offered in dance, fight choreography and music. All cast members are able to get their hand to hand combat certification through the rehearsal process.

For a video recommendation from past cast members go to:

There are many roles, please identify yourself by your category and submit via email, highlighting any special abilities (dance, singing, instruments, stage combat, etc.).

Email pic, resume and any links to ASAP. Casting going on now!

General breakdown:

UNTO THESE HILLS - Dance and stage combat ability a plus for all roles.
Director Eddie Swimmer

-Native American Males: 11 roles ranging in age from 20 to 40.
-Mixed Native American and White Male: 1 role, John Ross
-Native American Females: 4 roles ranging in age from 20-30, all need dance ability

Director Ted Sharon

-White male - 30's Henry Timberlake, comedic
-White female - 45, Emma White, lead, good mover
-Native Young Males - 6 roles ranging in age from 15-22, DANCE and FIGHT experience a huge plus, one role does RAP and HIP HOP
-Native Young Females - 2 roles age 20 and 15, DANCE and FIGHT experience a huge plus
-White young males - 3 roles age 16 and 20, DANCE and FIGHT experience a huge plus
-White young females - 2 roles, age 19 and 21, DANCE and FIGHT experience a huge plus
-Native males and females - 4 roles to play Granny, Aunts, Dad, Uncle

PRESHOW - Music and dance by cast members. Singers, musicians and dancers needed.

This is a PAID position with housing and classes. Rate depends on experience and role. For questions contact Linda Squirrel at or call 1.828.497.2111 

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